Monday, April 13, 2009

DVD News

Easter morning I met up with Todd of Drawing Chalk Pictures in New York City. Todd made a film called "Drawing with Chalk," which DP Mike LaVoie worked on shortly after my film. Todd had the same issue as me: how do you compress an HD film to an S-DVD without losing too much quality. But Todd's much smarter than me when it comes to technical stuff, and he's helping me out so we can finally have "Purgatory Comics" on a barebones disc, in a format that will look good. Below is the trailer for Todd's looks great and I'm a huge admirer of his many talents, which you'll see below also includes acting and music.

Support true independent film...visit Todd's site, look out for screenings of "Drawing with Chalk," and look out for screenings of "Purgatory Comics" as well. We're an art form on life support and we need your help.

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