Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Purgatory Comics Wins Two Accolade Awards!

Purgatory Comics won two Awards of Merit from the Accolade Film Awards out in California. It's a competition I used to enter my old short films in back in the day. You can choose which categories to compete in, and I entered Purgatory into four categories (I honestly can't remember what the other two were). Looks like we're one of 13 winners for feature film for this award, and the only winner for casting. I was hoping we 'd get a mention for casting because I think my awesome group deserves the special recognition. So, congrats guys!

Most of the other festivals I've entered so far haven't closed out yet, with the exception of the Tribeca Film Festival. Yeah, that one was a long shot. Don't forget we're headlining the Lancaster Area Film Festival May 2nd! Click here for all the information you need!

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