Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Screening of "Drawing with Chalk" in Tarrytown

A few blogs back I mentioned a film called "Drawing With Chalk." Last Saturday I took a drive north to Tarrytown in Westchester County to meet up with writer/director/actor Todd Giglio along with DP Mike. The film screened in a cool cafe by the water, projected from an HD disc playing on a Playstation 3. The film looked gorgeous, and it's absolutely worth checking out if you ever get a chance. A pleasant surprise was I got to see Suzanne Guacci again too, who shot a film called "Cycles" a couple years back (also with DP Mike). She helped me with the early stages of my flick and even lent her son for a scene!

While there, Todd hooked me up with gorgeous discs of "Purgatory Comics," which will be the DVDs I'll duplicate for the cast and crew in the near future. Awesome awesome awesome. It was nice to talk filmmaking a little with Mike, Suzanne, and Todd. Personally I draw a lot of motivation from other filmmakers and this was a good recharge for me. I wish I took some pics of us all together in one room, but I did snap the image of the bridge above.

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