Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Decemberists @ Radio City Music Hall 6/10/09

Awhile back I gushed about how in love with the new Decemberists album I am. Well the only thing that beat their latest release "The Hazards of Love" is hearing the entire thing live, in order, with no breaks. The Decemberists show came in two parts: part one was the new album all the way through. The audience sat for this part and the music was simply amazing.

After a brief intermission, the band returned and did a mix of greatest hits. For this portion of the show, there was much more interaction with the audience, who stood and danced. Here's the setlist for the second half:
  1. Crane Wife 3
  2. July! July!
  3. Billy Liar
  4. Sleepless
  5. The Bachelor and the Bride
  6. Daughter of Dracula
  7. O Valencia!
  8. The Chimbley Sweep
  9. Crazy on You (Heart cover)
  10. Begin the Begin (REM cover)
  11. Sons and Daughters
Here's the WORST part...I missed the Heart cover because I had to leave by that point. I can't find video of the Radio City night on youtube, but there are plenty of videos from other nights. As you'll see below, it was a great cover and also a lot of fun for them to perform:

I felt very lucky to see one of my favorite albums of all time done live, because I'm sure that won't happen again. And this being the first time I've ever seen the Decemberists live, I can honestly say they sounded perfect.

And I'll say one more thing about one of my new favorite bands...if folk/acoustic/rock is your thing, for the love of God pick up the Hazards of Love!


nyctaper said...

I did record audio of the entire show if you want to hear what you missed.

Ralphy said...

What insanely great quality! Thanks man, much appreciated. This is great...