Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Purgatory Comics DVDs go into Production

Today in the mail I received my New York State Dept of Taxation and Finance Certificate of Authority. See back in 2007 when I incorporated Warm Milk Productions, I didn't do this part because I had nothing to sell. Now, I do. DVDs baby.

One of the best duplication centers on Long Island coincidentally is located very close to me: Icon Omnimedia. These guys do all sort of cool graphic work and fulfillment; mostly for bands but also for local filmmakers such as myself. In fact two separate entities recommended them to me. One was Sean King (Lost Suburbia, Gouligans), who not only has a cameo in the film but has also been a tremendous help afterward. The second is my pal April (lead singer of the Rosies - awesome band), who has helped with a lot of PR-type since we wrapped.

Now despite how I rambled on and on last year about all the cool special features I want to pack onto a disc, this is going to be a bare-bones release. Recall my film-pal Todd Giglio created a superb hi-def compression onto a standard DVD, and for maximum quality we kept it film-only (there are strategically placed chapter markers, but there's no fancy-schmancy chapter menu). This will do for now. The disc art was done by myself, and the sleeve art was done by myself and Benn Fielding. I'll post it soon, but basically it's the two poster images I've posted on here before.

SO in about two weeks time, my home will be filled with 1,000 copies of Purgatory Comics DVDs. Yikes. I'm planning a new web site soon for easy online purchasing, and I'll announce the price real soon too. But there's your DVD update!

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