Friday, July 03, 2009

DVDs are Here!

Today I went to Icon to pick up my 1,000 Purgatory Comics DVDs! They look great. Again, it's a bare bones disc with the movie and no special features, to allow for as much disc space as possible to be used in the Hi-Def film compression. If you're part of the cast or crew, I'll be mailing these to you as soon as I get back from my trip (I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow).

While I'm away, I have someone working on the new web site ( version 3.0). It will feature a way to buy the DVD online for $10 each. That will hopefully launch before summer is out.

I'm off to explore Europe for a couple of weeks, but I'll be back in mid-July to pick up right where we left off. I'm excited to finally have DVDs!!!

1 comment:

drwhippy said...

Ralphy are you shippin over seas? as i've yet to see the bloody film yet

cheers chris the brit