Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lebowski Fest New York - Sept 22, 2009

Anyone who knows me well knows that one of my favorite movies of all time is The Big Lebowski. It's one of those films that gets funnier and more enjoyable every time I watch it, so I can completely understand why such a thing as Lebowski Fest would exist. The festival started in 2002, and the web site describes it best as "a two-day party that typically opens with live performances and screening of the film the first night and concludes with a raucous bowling party the following night." Last night some friends and I attended the screening-part of Lebowski Fest as the "Speed of Sound" tour hit Terminal 5 in New York City.

There's me with a couple of "Dudes."

There are some buddies with Walter. "Shomer Shabbos!"

Here we have a Karl Hungus and a landlord (in full stage performance gear).

The Dude and an event organizer present the film! This is the second time I've seen this movie on a big screen with a crowd shouting quotes while drinking White Russians. It never gets old.

Here's a grab from an introduction video from the real dude, Jeff Bridges. Notice the Tron helmet, as Mr. Bridges stated he couldn't make it to the fest since he's doing the whole Tron revival thing.

This is my "El Duderino" T-shirt that I wore to the fest. Buy your own here!

It was definitely an awesome time (you know, once you get passed the point that you paid $20 to see a film you own on DVD, and paid $6 per cup of beer...). I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to the bowling party, as I hear that's when the real craziness goes down. Still, I highly recommend Lebowski Fest to any other diehard fans. It'll really tie your room together.*


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