Friday, October 23, 2009

Everclear @ The Crazy Donkey - 10/15/09

The Crazy Donkey is a Long Island venue that I probably don't check out enough given their history of booking some pretty awesome acts (i.e. Shiny Toy Guns, They Might Be Giants, etc). This month I did go for what would be my second time seeing Everclear in concert (the first being them playing at my college). I do enjoy me some Everclear, but the specific reason I went was to see an old buddy of mine, Jordan Plosky, who is now Everclear's drummer.

The band went through a major lineup change, which Art Alexakis wrote about on their official site. Jordan tells me that he basically went in to audition and got picked. The show was solid; they sounded as good today as they did when I saw them 10 years ago. Afterward I chatted with Art and Jordan for a little and got a CD signed. Below is a snippet of "Father of Mine" I recorded; this has always been one of my favorite alt rock songs from the 90s. Look for Jordan drumming in the back!

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