Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Purgatory Comics Available to Buy at

The Purgatory Comics DVD is now available online at Here is the exact page you can preview and order from. If you log in as a customer, you can also rate the film after viewing.

This is a neat site because it gives movie lovers a chance at stumbling upon my film while browsing other independent flicks. Plus a quick glimpse at the other DVD prices will demonstrate how low I set my price point. Yup, the Purgatory Comics DVD is still only ten measly bucks. So, you can buy from, or you can buy from the store at Either way, all proceeds go to the same cause: reimbursing the cost of making the flick.

On another note, how you can you actually be reading this blog and not have bought the film yet? What are you waiting for??? Click one of those links and get your copy!

Here's a grab of Purgatory Comics being introduced on the main page. Click to enlarge!

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