Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Story of the Duck Song

The Youtube account for Warm Milk Productions is actually our second. Our first one got deleted by Youtube because apparently Viacom took issue with something I posted... even though every single video I'd posted was 100% my material. The appeal process is set up to be very long and difficult, so rather than go through with that I set up a second account: the current one that's now about 2 years old.

I re-uploaded a lot of the old original skits but lost all of the comments and ratings. One of those skits titled "The Duck Song" (below) has gone on to be the most viewed video of the account. As of this writing, it's at 495,132 views . . . crushing the count of every other video I have including Purgatory Comics videos. I made the video in 2003 (I think) as an animation for my old web comedy show Disorderly Conduct. The crude cartoon makes little sense, as you can see here:

I will reveal that it was originally supposed to go on a little longer. The hunter would take the duck home, eat him, and then the duck would emerge from his stomach (think "Alien") intact and finish the song. In the end . . . well I got lazy. What's left is an animation that is just plain random, yet a massive youtube hit! I get comments every single day on this one. So, why fight it? All these years later, today I began animating a sequel. That's right. I'm hoping it will be up this month. My plot? Well. There's a second duck song video on youtube, and even though it went up after mine, it has way more hits than me:

Let's just say I thought it might be funny if the two ducks from the above videos met each other. To many of you this might be just a throw away project. But to my massive youtube audience that have kindly favored my account over the past two years . . . this next quack's for you.


Caleb said...

I will never understand why the Duck Song is so good.


But like HALF A MILLION PEOPLE watched that?


Anonymous said...

Do you think it'd be easy to edit and extend to a peaceful continuation of the duck's song?