Sunday, July 25, 2010

Filmmaker Panel July 17th @ Bellmore

We're going a little out of order but on July 17th, as part of the Long Island International Film Expo, a couple of filmmaking panels took place moderated by Mitchell Bard of Snapper Films. I spoke in the first panel, which was titled "The Good, The Bad and the Horror Stories: The Perils of Independent Filmmaking."

The panel was a neat array of filmmakers with an assortment of different perspectives of the craft. For example a topic of discussion was the use of SAG during the casting process. Some cited it as completely favorable, maybe even necessary. Others, including myself, told stories of how we casted completely non-union and enjoyed the end result.

The time flew. I did get to tell my story on how a bar we were supposed to shoot at bailed on us the day before, and also the various tricks we did to help Bob remember his lines (such as taping the script to Angela's chest). It's a fun story and I think the audience and panel got a kick out of it.

But I probably spent less time talking and more time listening. I love hearing "war stories" from other filmmakers. Next to me in that picture is Stevan Mena (Malevolence). Since he's one of the filmmakers whose movie got full on distribution and acclaim (check it out on Netflix), I was humbled to be on a panel with him. It was a great time and great experience.

Our panel was immediately followed by a panel called "Write Stuff." If you couldn't guess, it was about screenwriting. The lady above is Marilyn Horoitz, an author, writing coach and script consultant. Although the panel catered mostly to screenwriting basics, I did get some useful information out of it.

In fact between the two panels, I became very inspired to work on a short film. They make great "business cards," so I learned. And I'm sure it'll be a heckuva lot easier getting someone to watch a short than getting them to watch Purgatory Comics.

So I've been working on a short script called Double Blind. I'm about to go into my third draft. You heard it here first!

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