Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fringe Festival Sept 26th @ CW Post

This weekend of course was the Fringe Festival at the CW Post Campus of Long Island University. I had to miss the opening party and first day of events since I was out of state, but I was back just in time for my own screening. Here are some pics:

Purgatory Comics was preceded by two short films: Bathtub Gin by Lou Yablonsky (above left), and The One That I Want by Sean Gannet (right). Both were incredible; Lou's short was a drama focused on bootleggers during the Great Depression, and Sean's was a hilarious musical with a sci-fi twist. Sean was also on the Bellmore panel with me this summer.

My pals from the Long Island International Film Expo: Jim Cook...

...and the lovable Debra Markowitz & John Marean! Great to see them as always, and would love to work with any and all of them one day in the future.

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