Monday, October 11, 2010

New York Comic Con - Day 1

Last weekend was the 2010 New York Comic Con (No. 5) at the Jacob Javitts Center. It's now Monday night and I'm still recovering! That's why for now I'll just cover day 1, which was Friday Oct 8th.

My brother Paul hopped the train with me to New York City to help out. Our booth placement was awesome...seriously, I was expecting a tiny spot near the bathroom. But instead we got a high traffic area that really helped us look professional.

We arrived at the booth to discover there was no table. Because I never ordered one. Because I assumed for some crazy reason you get one. So I had to run to their help desk and order one, and I won't reveal how much it cost but I'll say that for that amount, they should've let me keep the table and 10 additional tables while they're at it.

The lady said it would be at my booth in about 15 minutes. 45 minutes later, the table arrived and we set up. Ta-da!

We had the banner stand designed by my friend Rob, along with table art promoting Bree's Saturday appearance, and lots of DVDs and pins. We probably could've used more flair but give me a break, I just spent my rent on a 10x10 block of space and a table.

The first few hours was professionals and press only, so I mostly gave discs out free to network. I got to talk to a lot of great people and made plenty of new friends.

Here's my brother Paul, who was a huge help running things. Of course that's Silk Spectre he was with. The costumes were incredible. Here are a few more of my favorites...

Here's me with Pedobear.

Psylocke and Deadpool.

Me with Bat Boy.

And a couple of Princess Leias. Leii? Either way.

Our neighboring booth was Brain Theft, run by Aaron, who used to sculpt for McFarlane toys and now does his own thing. Rock on.

Here's Peter Whales himself, Bob Socci.

My old college buddy Chris (who played the boss "Mr. Floyd" in the film), and Alex "X-Ray" Adams.

I gave the cast new mini-posters I printed out. I also had them all sign mine, which is already up on my wall looking raaad.

And here's Al, also known as "Customer #2" from Purgatory Comics.

This was my first time running a convention booth and I found it exhausting, but also a lot of fun. The buttons were a tremendous hit and definitely drew some welcome attention our way. That was one thing I was very glad we did. The other big "draw" was the table stand advertising Bree's signing for Saturday.

Bree's high-recognition factor and huge fanbase, combined with insane convention attendance, led to an intense Saturday. And we'll save that for the next blog entry. But here's a quick hint about my feelings for the day... friggin rocked.

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