Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York Comic Con - Day 2

At its fever pitch, the crowd at the 2nd day of New York Comic Con was crammed shoulder-to-shoulder. In other words, the place was packed.

The day started with a visit from our own Jonathan "Berner" Zungre! Seeing him again ruled.

I finally got to give him his trophy for Best Supporting Actor from the Long Island International Film Expo. "Wow, it's heavy," he replied . . . which is absolutely true. Poor guy had to carry it around for the rest of the con.

This is Sam from PatchTogether.com, one of our neighboring's booth. These guys were great and helped make the weekend a lot of fun. Check out their site, where they do customized figures and toys.

Tim "Evan" Kelly and Bob "Peter Whales" Socci both swung by after Jonathan left. Tim helped hold down the fort for the rest of the day.

Our friend from LIIFE Jim Cook also showed up. He mentioned trying to reach my cell so I pulled out my phone and noticed 6 missed calls. Worried I would miss Bree's arrival call, I rushed downstairs.

Bree arrived and we navigated the crowd to return to the booth. By the time we got there, her line had already formed! She got right to work doing signatures and pictures.

Let me tell you, this girl works. She spoke with every single fan at length, signed everything they had, did interviews and posed for pictures for 5 hours straight with only one break. And she never complained once. Bree rules.

This particular interview was with the Loud Idiots. I'll post the link when they put the video online. Now...more Bree:

Tim, Bree and I.

Jim and Bree.

And Bree just having fun.

By the end of the day, I was excited to have pushed out so many copies of the DVD. Not only can I now put my vacuum cleaner in my closet because the space is free, but we've finally reached the audience that is perfect for this movie: the comic fans. With all our screenings so far, it's been a challenge to get them to come to us. So, we went to them.

And we bribed them with a porn star.

The booth was only open for about a half hour on day 3 because we ran out of inventory. So on that day, I got to wander the con with my girlfriend and enjoy it finally. I won't be posting a report on that, but it was a much welcome break from the madness of days 1 & 2.

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