Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Updates

I never know what to use for the picture/video for "general update" posts, so enjoy our Purgatory Comics star Angela making a dolphin out of a banana.

The IMDB page for Purgatory Comics now features quotes from the film! I picked a few nuggets and some of the more prominent monologues from the script. Also it's worth noting right now we have a score of 7.4 out of 10. Which is higher than the original Land Before Time, so suck it Don Bluth! You and your 18 goddamn sequels to that movie. I give a crap about Littlefoot. They all just go extinct in the end, asshole. Of course our rating is based on only 5 votes, but you figure it out I'm not a mathemagician.

When it comes to googling myself, (points to self) guilty as charged. A blog called Heated Steve gave a "wow that's a lot of details" recap of visiting my booth at Comic Con. It's actually really funny, and he called my girlfriend cute so there's a man with a deathwigood taste.

More details to come later, but I got an invite to do an interview on 960WELI, a New Haven talk station. That's really awesome but it has to be at like 6:30am, which is fine but that first half hour I'm awake is rough because I tend to mix the dreams I just had with reality. So if I tell them my movie is about my flying landlord, that's why.

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