Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview with Atoki Online

Atoki Ileka, who plays the subtle but hilarious character of Andrew, asked me to pass along this interview he did for Theater of the Mind. And it's a great read: he speaks about a recent audition where Robert DeNiro gave him some pointers, and some other projects he's been busy with. Here's a snippet:

DB: What projects have you worked and or starred in so far

AI: The first big project was an indie film called “Purgatory Comics” (Link to IMDB page – ) Following that I did a commercial for American Cancer Society, I did three of them. I played the son of a family that was now cancer free. I also did voice over work for the spot, but I still haven’t seen them. Next I did an Independent film for a friend of a friend, the director was Geoffrey Jean-Baptiste is part of a group that make their own scripts and host their own film festivals. So I did a short for them called “Authorized Dealer.”

You can read the rest right here. It's good to see Atoki's still keeping busy with his acting career and he's some some great opportunities even though he's only 22 (he was the baby of the cast when we were shooting).

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Dave said...

thanks for posting my interview with Atoki, I appreciate it.