Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Truth About Bree Olson

Ahem. So. Okay, this isn't really a gossip blog, so I've been trying to not chime in too much about the Charlie Sheen mania on the Internets, and Bree's involvement. But I will say two things about it. One. It's OLSON. Not OLSEN. Spell her fake name right already. And I'm not just talking about blogs here . . .the NEW YORK POST is misspelling a person's name. A person they put on the front page this week. Then again, this is the New York Post we're talking about here.

Two. Bree is not only cool as hell, but smart. I picked her brain for an entire dinner the night before we shot her scene in Purgatory Comics. Then at Comic Con, I got to talk more with her. I don't feel like it's right to gossip about the personal things she told me, but I'll mention that this girl is smart. She knows what she's doing. She might genuinely love hanging around Charlie. She might love the attention. I'm not sure. But I'm pretty sure she's not being "tricked" or "taken in." She's one smart cookie and she'll be fine.

And dude (I guess this is "three"), as long as there are no drugs involved, who cares anyway. Charlie passed his test, and Bree is one of the few porn stars who doesn't touch that crap. So, awesome. They're love life right now. I'm jealous. Now, what I really wish for...is for at least one of these damn blogs to be like "Bree Olson, who appeared last year in Purgatory Comics" or some crap like that. Because that would be awesome. Just. Awesome.

Charlie started a twitter today here (I'm guessing Bree taught him how). Bree's twitter is here (not many "real" tweets but very entertaining). And surprise! Warm Milk started a twitter. Follow us right here. Please.

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