Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Short Film: Halina

Halina is my new 28-page short script that is officially moving into pre-production, with a goal to shoot in early December 2014. It's this script I alluded to in this earlier entry, and the good news is it looks like it's a go! As for the plot...

Halina is a sci-fi drama about a young woman hired by a reclusive billionaire to care for a mysterious and very lifelike humanoid robot.

The exciting news is it looks like Mike LaVoie, director of photography for Purgatory Comics, is interested in taking this project on after reading the script. I love working with Mike and I really like how Purgatory Comics looks. However, if you check out his more updated demo reel, you'll see how his projects since Purgatory look even more amazing.

I'll be posting the official casting notices in the very near future. Right now I'm mostly retracing my pre-production steps for Purgatory Comics, trying to remember the order I did a few of the important things. Stay tuned for more...this blog is about to come alive again!

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