Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some Random Updates on Writing

When I started this blog way back when, I chronicled every tiny update and movement on every project. Since then I've become more shy about it, realizing that some of the projects never got off the ground for various reasons. Like shooting my script for Inquisitive.

So don't mistake a lack of writing updates for a lack of productivity; in the last couple of years I've finished three feature length scripts (one won me an award. Yay me!) and at least four short film scripts. My intention was to remain silent on the blog until I'd actually planned to shoot something.

Two of the full length scripts are just impractical for me to shoot. The other, maybe. I feel better about the short scripts right now, especially since the latest one is getting an amazing reception from the handful of people who have read it. In fact, I've been quietly exploring pre-production on it...

-I've met with Steve Goldstein on providing the score for the project. One thing I learned from Purgatory Comics is that it's better to work on the music during the production, rather than afterwards. Steve and I discussed the script, overall vibe, and listened to sample tracks. 

-I've talked with Cheryl Martin, a professional location manager and friend. This short film requires some specific locations that exist, but may be pricey. This will be the first hurdle on this project - if Cheryl saves the day, I'm going straight into casting.

-I've already commissioned my graphic artist Lamis on some of the graphic work I need.

A couple of more points: this short film, hopefully, may become part of a larger project that may either be an anthology film or web series. That's been my dream for a few years now, but we're getting way ahead of ourselves. The short is 28 pages and I'd like to shoot it possibly this October/November.

So there you have it. This may either (1) vanish from this blog like other projects have before, or (2) actually happen, in which case I'll supply the title, premise, and every step of the journey.

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