Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Short Film in Works: Inquisitive

After what feels like an eternity a few months of planning, I'm now comfortable revealing a few tidbits on a new project. It's one of the ones I alluded to back in May, and it's a joint project with my friend Jim Cook (above), who recently incorporated Spirit Owl Films. We're doing a short film under the working title Inquisitive. The screenplay is by me and the story is by both of us, and Jim is set to direct. I've already written the script: it's 12 pages and I guess you could classify it as a smart romantic comedy.

The script was copyrighted today and we did a quick script breakdown (looking at maybe 4 days of shooting), and we're just going to do some more budget math before casting begins. More details to come.

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Mike V said...

Very cool. Good luck!