Sunday, August 07, 2011

New Photo Shoot! Tim and Jonathan!

Today we returned to Hidden Pixel Studios in Deer Park, New York for a photo session I've waited years for: Tim and Jonathan in-character publicity photos! Vanessa of Hidden Pixels and my graphic designer friend Rob handled all photography.

Tim Kelly and Jonathan Zungre were good enough to dig out their iconic on-screen shirts and trek out to Long Island one more time. We've got great shots that we can match up with older images Vanessa took from the Angela sessions that took place 2.5 years ago (or, if we're lucky, maybe one day we'll get new Angela pictures).

It's nice to have new publicity images to play around with, especially with the film's other two stars. The new designs are in preparation for possible distribution - with a little help from our west coast friends at Circus Roads.

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