Sunday, November 09, 2014

Make-Up Test Day

Today was a really fun day as Patricia and Hannah Jane visited my place for photos and a make-up test. For make-up, Cheryl put me in touch with her good friend Kacey. Kacey's challenge was to make Hannah Jane look like she could be artificial (since she's playing a robot), but not go so far as to make her look like a porcelain doll.

Here I am with the leading lady.

After make-up, I took the actors to the beach for photos - when you see the movie, you'll see why this is relevant.

Then finally here's a shot of Hannah Jane on a bench. I figured she'd rather I post this than the pictures of her getting make-up done (and making goofy faces)...

We had great weather today and everything went exactly as I'd hoped it would. We even finished a bit early and enjoyed some drinks and laughs. The best part about projects like this is when you go in with a good group; people that can make you smile. I got a great bunch here.

Shooting is just a few short weeks away...

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