Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On the Set of Halina: Day 1

So here we are, the first day of shooting the Halina short film. I couldn't disclose this at the time but the location for the first four days was Oheka castle, which is very exciting because it's the exact scenery I had in mind when I wrote the script, and it's rich in film history. Some shots of Citizen Kane were taken at Oheka, and more recently, Taylor Swift's music video for Blank Space was shot there.

In Halina, the castle is owned by the mysterious and impossibly rich Thomas Crane. The first scene we shot also happened to be the first scene of the movie, in which our lead Mischa pulls up to the estate for the very first time. We also got to shoot a fun cameo from someone who appeared in Purgatory Comics (which I won't reveal just yet).

As I often do, I scheduled all of the exterior scenes for the first day of the shoot. And let me tell you, we got lucky with that weather. It was December and yet unseasonably warm with no precipitation.

Because our shoot relied on natural sunlight - and because the days are ridiculously short in December - we were in a bit of a race against time. But, as usual with outdoor shoots, we were often held up by sound issues (I think we got planes, trains, landscapers and barking dogs checked off that list. Oh and a fly who sounded as large as King Kong himself I swear to God).
Highlights of the day include the luck with the weather, Lilly nervously driving my car, the fun cameo, and oh man this killer location. Challenges include sound issues (Kong Fly), starting later than I wanted, and running out of sunlight before we could finish making it through the day's shot list.
Stay tuned for the day 2 report. In the meantime I have to get back to the shot list for tomorrow's shoot, which is the last day already!

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