Thursday, December 11, 2014

On the Set of Halina: Day 2

December 2nd was the second day of shooting Halina. This day was spent entirely in the Oheka library, and it dealt solely on the interactions between Mischa (Lilly) and her employer Ms. Avery (Patricia). We joked that most of this day was just Lilly getting yelled at by Patricia's character, but in reality most of this day was Lilly getting yelled at by Patricia's character.
Like the day before (and the common theme you're going to find throughout this shoot), we were pressed for time due to the sun going down at about 4:28PM. While most of the day really felt like we were on schedule (or even ahead of schedule), somehow it seemed we fell behind and had to really press through those last scenes before wrapping.

We shot the last couple of scenes by angle rather than by scene. By this I mean we shot two scenes on the master, then two scenes on Mischa's angle, and then two scenes on Avery's angle. The pro here is you minimize camera movement and set re-construction, therefore saving time. The con is costume changes between takes and a loss of the fluidity and continuity in scenes (although, and I mean this, my actors were pros and somehow minimized this issues substantially).
Here's a little crew pic from day 2. Highlights of the day include Patricia exceeding my expectations doing a very emotional scene, and the amazing set. Challenges include the fact that the castle wanted to put up their holiday decorations this same day, causing some delays for sound near the set and other distractions, and also the time crunch at the end causing a few scenes to get less of the attention they deserved (they came out fine, but it would've been nice to spend more time trying out new things, being picky, etc.).

I remember leaving this day feeling pretty burnt. I got home and all I wanted to do was play video games and relax, and then the electricity in my neighborhood went out for about an hour. But then a day or two later, DP Mike posted some footage he was toying around with . . . and I felt completely reinvigorated. And the next shoot day we all hit a stride that would carry us to the end of the shoot. But those are stories for future entries . . .

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