Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On the Set of Halina: Day 5

Even though December 11th was the last day of the shoot, it was Tyler's first day on the set. We shot in two locations - one being my house - and above you can see Tyler tuckered out on my very popular beanbag chair (from sumolounge.com - free plug).
Here's Rob the sound guy on the same chair. SumoLounge, now with free shipping! Seriously SumoLounge, pay me commission.

So the bad news is that I didn't have Vanessa the set photographer for this day, so I only have a few pictures I took myself to share. I also didn't have my brother Paul acting as PA so the crew was a tad lighter than usual. But all in all, it was a very good shooting day.
We started the shoot at the Coffee Nut Cafe, where they were extremely gracious hosts and very accommodating. Even though we filmed while the store was open, we were able to shoot with few sound interruptions. In fact surprisingly, this coffee house was probably the nicest and (second) most ideal location in the entire shoot.
Following the coffee house, we finished off the shoot at my place. After four days at Oheka, it was nice to have a completely controlled environment.
So I'm going to say that a highlight of the day includes two easy, controlled filming locations. Another highlight is finally getting Tyler on camera, and him flawlessly bringing the character of Aaron to life. Challenges? Actually not a whole lot I can remember this day.

After the shoot I grabbed dinner and drinks with Marc the AC and Rob the sound guy, and it was a great chat. I was riding an extreme high from wrapping the shoot. That feeling - that's not just the highlight of the day; it's a highlight of this entire production.

And just like that, after months of planning, the Halina shoot is wrapped. I know I tend to gush a lot in these writings but the thing is, I'm probably never going to be that artsy filmmaker who takes this all so seriously and acts super cool about it. I love writing stories and making them come to life more than anything in the world, so it's impossible not to constantly feel so happy about it. This cast and crew became like family to me and I miss them already, and now I want to impress them all by making a great short film. This is never a job for me. It's never work. It's the greatest form of communication I've ever discovered.

Check back for more updates, pics and stories - we're just getting started folks.

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