Sunday, December 14, 2014

On the Set of Halina: Day 4

For day 4, we were back in the bridal suite at Oheka. But unlike the previous day, this day had some nutty weather outside. The morning started with a torrential downpour which slowed down some of the crew on their way over. As the day progressed, the howling winds caused more than a few pauses for sound. It was just an overall ugly day out there.
The good news is that visually, a rainy day matched the scene we were shooting quite well. That scene was the debut of William Otterson as the billionaire Thomas Crane. It was every bit as powerful and dramatic as it was in my head when I wrote it.
Of course I'm not going to let a blog entry go by without again giving props to these two, Lilly and Hannah Jane. I may be a bit biased but I really believe they're both going to go far.

Highlights of the day: William as Thomas Crane, and the rainy weather to match the mood, and actually finishing right on schedule! Challenges: the rain and wind. There's a fireplace in the suite which we finally realized was causing a lot of the sound disruptions with the wind tunnel. Gaffer Sean saved the day by cutting off that windy sound, allowing us to get back to longer, more focused takes.

Oh another challenge was that the elevator was down - so all the gear had to manually be hauled downstairs from the fourth floor. One last hooray for the day!
And with that, we officially wrapped shooting at Oheka Castle. Both William and Hannah Jane were already wrapped as well (time goes super fast). The schedule allowed for a day of rest on Wednesday, and then a fifth and final day of shooting on Thursday in Long Beach.

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