Monday, February 02, 2015

Snowstorms and One Missing Shot

The recent snowstorms on the East Coast have been a blessing and a curse for this production. The blessing came last week, when we received so much snow that offices were shut down for a couple of days. This allowed me some unexpected time to work on the second cut of Halina and map out a timeline of completion.

The new timeline moves up the expected completion to mid-March; much sooner than I had previously guessed. Also the new cut is even longer than the original, so I never really trimmed it down like I said I would. Basically that last blog entry was an entry of LIES.

Now the downside: there's actually one shot missing from Halina. It's an outdoor shot that's only a few seconds long, but involves a nice looking car. 

This has been a challenge; originally we were going to use a car that William owned and grab this shot on the fourth shoot day, but that day brought heavy rain. Then I was going to use a car that belonged to a friend of a friend, but she was only available Saturdays, and every Saturday has had nasty weather. 

The latest plan is to shoot the scene this week, between storms - wish us luck. It's amazing how the shoot was relatively pain-free (we even had unseasonably warm weather during the other exterior scenes), and yet this tiny shot has been so challenging. January and February in New York are just horrible and unreliable months for exterior shooting.

In the spirit of keeping positive, I am excited with the new timeline. Steve is composing some new tracks this weekend for the score, and then the film is going to Sound For Indies for final sound mixing.

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