Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Last Shot of Halina

Today I finally managed to shoot the elusive quick shot I mentioned in this post, which means that now, Halina is officially 100% wrapped.

We met up at a boat dock for this shot, which features my friend's hawt corvette pictured above. But unfortunately there was still snow and ice and slush just freakin' everywhere. I spent at least an hour shoveling as much of it as I could to create a clean area. Then, a really nice fella named Denis drove his plow over and helped us clear some more of the area. What luck.

So after all the shoveling, and plowing, and more shoveling and so on, we finally nabbed the shot. The shot which which will be 2-3 seconds in the actual finished film. It's good to have all of the footage now, and I couldn't have done it without Denis the plower, Chris and his corvette, and of course Patricia and DP Mike who came out just for this.

Seriously though, look at that car. HAWT.

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