Monday, March 02, 2015

Color Correcting "Halina"

On Saturday, DP Mike stopped by and we kicked off color correcting Halina. We started with a lot of issues; the biggest being that the Adobe CC kept locking up after applying an adjustment layer to the whole film. This problem also occurred on Mike's machine at his home so it's something specific to the project that we can't figure out.

Things seemed to work a little better when adding one adjustment layer at a time to each clip (as opposed to laying them all down at once). We were able to do scene one together to agree on an overall "feel" for the film. 

The Adobe plug-ins we're using are Film Convert, which is able to provide digital footage with color and grain of film stocks, and also Impulz and Osiris from Vision Color. Mike is continuing to work on the project from his machine and making incredible progress.

Meanwhile at Sound for Indies, Ken and I have scheduled the final sound mixing approval for March 10th, which means that's about when the film will be completed (if all goes as planned)!

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