Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Now Casting Via Actors Access

It almost feels like this project is moving faster than I can blog. Enge has officially kicked off casting for The Burden of Choice. As of now, casting is exclusively via That could change, should she decide to open casting up wider. I'll post here if that happens.

When we cast for Halina, I didn't bring Enge in as the official casting director until the jobs had already been posted. This time around, Enge's fully in charge - right down to actually picking the casting days and location. It sure gets a lot of the work off of my plate, so I have more time to wear my Spider-Man pajamas and jump from couch to couch shouting "Walloping Websnappers!" 

All this is to say: don't bother flooding my LinkedIn or e-mail. Enge's in charge.

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