Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Short Film: Second Place

This has been brewing for a few weeks, but I haven't had many confirmations to post about on the blog so I've kept this project under wraps. But here's everything about Second Place, a short film that's production is running concurrently with The Burden of Choice:
  •  I've found that the shorter the script, the harder it is to explain the plot (at least without giving it all away). So for now I'll go with this logline: A couple is woken one night by a familiar yet unwelcome visitor.

  • Like Halina and The Burden of Choice, Second Place is a character drama with a hint of science fiction. The grand plan is to create a family of these short films - all similar in tone - that can one day be put together to create either a series or an anthology film. This is something I've wanted to do as far back as 2009.

  • This short is only about 5 minutes.

  • The leads in Second Place are practically cast, but not locked yet so I'm going to hold on the announcement.

  • Even though this will only require one day of shooting, scheduling has been a bit of a challenge. I was hoping to shoot this very close to The Burden of Choice, but I think it's going to have to be a week or two after now.
I promise once I have more information to share, I'll put it up here. Stay tuned!

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