Friday, May 22, 2015

Casting "The Burden of Choice"

This week we held a two day casting session at Ripley Grier Studios for The Burden of Choice. Auditions were held by myself as well as my casting director Enge, with help from some friends of WM Productions: my old friend Chris (who did a cameo in Purgatory Comics), my pal Shane who helped with the Purgatory Comics casting many moons ago, Lamis who did a lot of graphic work on Halina, and Lilly's husband Nick who is also an actor.

As always we met a lot of great actors and as always the choice will be tough. A new challenge here is having several key characters who are related in the script, putting restrictions on race and age that I'm not used to. Stay tuned for more casting announcements for The Burden of Choice!

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