Thursday, May 07, 2015

Elisa Pupko to Learn "The Burden of Choice"

Casting for the upcoming short film The Burden of Choice is underway, and while some auditions aren't being held for another couple of weeks, we have snagged one of our leading ladies! I'm excited to report that Elisa Pupko will be participating in this production!

Elisa is a New York City actress originally from Seattle WA. In addition to acting she has worked on many professional and personal projects as a host, a model, and a singer. You can check out her web site and portfolio right here.

I met Elisa last year during an audition, and reached out to her because I thought this role would be a great fit. She'll be playing Piper, a smart and ambitious business woman who comes to a tough choice in her career and reaches out to our other lead for help.

While I only met Elisa last year, I've seen her much earlier in some of my favorite College Humor sketches. I'm going to post one below because this sketch still cracks me up.

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Gail Pavone said...

Elisa Pupko is an amazing woman, beautiful inside as well as outside! I've known her for twenty years...she always had a great sense of humor! I love her and she would be great in any endeavor that comes her way! She's also so sweet ...«break a leg» darling Elisa!! I'm so PROUD of you! �� Gail Bisiack