Monday, June 22, 2015

On the Set of The Burden of Choice: Day 2

I didn't get to snap many photos during day 2 of the shoot, so we'll all have to eagerly wait for the set photographer's pictures to be delivered before we get the really good pics.

Day 2 focused almost entirely on Elisa and Pooya and the interaction of their characters. We shot in a pretty small room, but DP Marc did a fantastic job of making it work with multiple angles and some creative dolly work. Since the majority of Halina was two people sitting across from each other talking, we came up with a new look and set of angles to differentiate this project more. For example we did some profiles shots, like this screen grab below:
I really liked watching the conversation in this scene play out because there is a wide array of emotions in Elisa's character, and she jumped from one to another with ease. There's a part where she has an outburst that pretty much spills out my personal feelings more than I've ever scripted before, so seeing her do that monologue was magic. Then there's Pooya, who is just a fascinating character actor and so much fun to watch.
I plan to start editing this week. As usual I'll log the footage first - which is the more time-consuming part - and then I should be able to get a rough cut done fairly quickly.

A few notes in case anyone's wondering: I don't cameo in this one (boo!), and there are no actors in here that appeared in Purgatory Comics or Halina. However, there are hidden references to both of those films. I'm not trying to create an expanded universe; I'm actually trying to create an expanded multiverse. I'll explain what that day.

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