Friday, March 06, 2009

Purgatory Comics on IMDB

Purgatory Comics now has a page on IMDB right here. If you have an account with IMDB and you've seen the flick (or even if you haven't), be sure to go drop it a positive rating! Also I have my own IMDB page right here.

I actually tried to set up the page around last October. What's tricky for amateur filmmaker's like myself is the section on festivals; IMDB wants your film to have screened somewhere to prove it exists. If you submit anyway, sometimes they'll let it slide. In my case, they didn't so they wouldn't let me have a page yet until my film screened. Pain in the ass.

Well you'll remember I joined the free festival site Here's a groovy benefit: when you submit to a festival on this site, you'll get an email inviting you to make an IMDB page for your film. They give you a special code, and you just go back to the IMDB form and enter the code with your other data. This bypasses the festival criteria and gets your page up and running!

So enjoy the long-awaited Purgatory Comics IMDB page. As of this writing, all of the data I submitted hasn't been published yet. But the trivia section's up and you know that's always the best part.

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