Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Random Updates

Hey all, sorry it's been so quiet. Here are just a few updates.
  • Atoki Ileka, who we're all very proud of, tweeted a thank you to Warm Milk for a letter of recommendation that helped him get into the New York Film Academy. He promised he won't let us down. Also, Atoki really really likes tweeting.
  • I have a conference call tomorrow with Circus Road Films, and I've also made a really sweet E-press kit for Purgatory Comics. Also now reflects how they represent exclusive distribution queries.
  • In early August we'll be doing a photoshoot at Hidden Pixels with Jonathan Zungre and Tim Kelly, both back in character. We're in the process of getting new photography for promotional material.
  • Also congrats to Jonathan, who's now engaged!
  • Has it been a year already? This week, the Long Island International Film Expo has been underway. The awards ceremony is tomorrow, so if you're on Long Island, grab some information from their web site.
  • Our pal Bree Olson is on the cover of Playboy (nsfw) for August 2011. She's interviewed about her time with Charlie. Here's the cover:
There you go, plenty of updates. There's a lot of waiting going on right now and I apologize for the lack of exciting news, but wheels are always in motion!

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