Friday, December 09, 2011

Purgatory Comics to be Distributed by GoDigital Media

First of all, this post is extra sweet because it's happening right around the 5 year anniversary of this blog's first post ever.*

Purgatory Comics has signed a distribution deal with GoDigital Media Group. As the name implies, GoDigital focuses primarily on distribution in digital space (Netflix streaming, iTunes, Hulu, etc). This is a perfect fit for Purgatory Comics, and what I sincerely believe is the future (if not the present) of the indie film movement. This has been in the works for awhile but was made official this week - sorry the blog got quiet but the work never stopped.

This is a direct result of the effort put in by Circus Road Films; a great bunch. I also have to thank a few more people helping me make this happen: John K at Digital Cut helped me improve the film sequence (edit talk). Todd G is helping me prepare the digital material needed. He already found distribution for his film Drawing with Chalk, which you can and should buy right here.

Over the next few weeks there will be more updates, new art both here and on, and hopefully more. My mind is blown; after years of highs and lows, there is an incredible payoff for this project. I'm excited that it will finally reach the audience it was made for, I'm grateful for everyone who's helped me (even if it was a quick recommendation to a friend), and I'm humbled.

More to come, tonight, celebration.

*Oh, how naive I was at 26. Thought I could make a movie for 10-grand. Ha! For those wondering, PC clocked in over twice as much (three times as much if you count additional post/publicity efforts).

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Sam said...

Amazing news Ralphy - can't wait to finally be able to see it. Result!