Saturday, December 31, 2011

Purgatory Comics Trailer 3

Happy New Years, folks!* Here is a new trailer for Purgatory Comics, made specifically for our distributors. It has much of the same template as the second trailer, but mostly new footage. I wanted to go more into the zanier elements of the film and reveal much more than the trailer I made in '09, which was purposely vague. Plus this trailer has one of my favorite lines in the whole film ("That can't hurt me 'cause I'm a zombie...but I get the message...").

Since my last post I've been preparing a laundry list of desirables for GoDigital, which has proven difficult this week with so many businesses I need closed for the holidays. But I've still had some amazing help: I met with Todd in New York City yesterday and he delivered my hard drive with all of the digital encoding I need. Rob and I have been working on the art over the past few days (he also created the new Purgatory Comics logo you'll see in the trailer), and Monday I have an appointment with my local duplication specialists to get an HD Cam version of the flick.

See, I've been busy. Just nothing you really want to read about.

*Please, for the love of God, call it "twenty-twelve" and not "two-thousand and twelve." You don't call the year 1912 "one-thousand nine-hundred and twelve" do you? Argh.

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Caleb said...

I call it the year nineteen hundred and twelve.