Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Purgatory Comics Poster Art

Hey superfan, check out the new poster art for Purgatory Comics. You can click it to see it slightly larger. Like the new trailer, this is for the 2012 distribution efforts. A good handful of people made this one possible: Angela's image comes from Vanessa from this shoot, Jonathan and Tim come from Rob from this shoot, and Bree comes from her shooting day. Rob built the poster then passed it on to me for some final touch-ups. I'm really happy to have a poster that includes Tim and Jonathan. And it doesn't hurt to highlight Bree's special appearance either.

In other news, today I took another drive to Duplication Specialists in Baldwin New York to pick up my HD Cam copy of the flick. David turned it around for me in a day and at a great price, and he's definitely a guy that supports local indie talent.

In the coming weeks I'll put this new poster up in the online store, and as promised new art will trickle into the web site. For now what you should do if you haven't yet is Like us on Facebook, and tell your friends to like us too. That would be the bomb, yo.

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