Sunday, January 08, 2012

Changes to

I uploaded a few changes to, included new images on a couple of the pages. So now on the home page we have the new logo, trailer, and a new image of Angela. There are also minor image and content changes in the "about" and "cast and crew" sections.

The biggest changes are in the online store section: the new poster is now available to purchase at cafepress (realize I made about a buck a sale, that's it), and for now I took down a few items that will hopefully soon be improved. Regarding the poster: it's cropped slightly different that the one I revealed in the last post, and that's only because cafepress set different size parameters. So you see a little more Angela on the left, and a little more Tim on the right.

I'll provide more info as I receive it, including when and where the actual film will be available to watch again. Enjoy the site changes and pick up a little swag to support the flick!

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