Thursday, June 04, 2015

Meet the Cast of "The Burden of Choice"

A few posts back I introduced you guys to the incredibly talented Elisa Pupko, who is playing Piper in The Burden of Choice. Now I can finally announce the rest of the major players! Next to Elisa is Pooya Mohseni, who will be playing the character of Mae: a woman with a unique gift who helps people like Piper through her home business. Then on the second row is Jessica Zinder. Jessica will play Mae's younger sister Meredith who helps Mae run her business while caring for her young son. Last but not least is Tarion Taylor-Anderson, who will play Jacob: a regular to Mae's business who meets Piper in the waiting area.

In addition to these four will be a few other faces popping up, including a special appearance by Russ Camarda. Russ is a New York actor and director who I'm very excited to finally do a project with.

This is going to be a very fun and relatable story with characters unlike I've ever written before, so I'm eager to finally bring it to life. More to come!

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