Friday, July 31, 2015

"Purgatory Comics" Comic Book Update

I love this: In one of the panels of the upcoming Purgatory Comics comic book, artist Rafael Rivera stuck in a cameo of the two of us. I don't currently own a blue button down with the Warm Milk logo on it . . . but now I kinda want one . . .

The flow we've gotten into is: Rafael finishes up a full page (which involved sketching, drawing, coloring, rendering backgrounds . . . a lot of work) and then when he's done, he sends it my way. At that point, I add the word bubbles and lettering which was scripted about a year ago.

Personally I think this is one of the funniest projects I've been a part of in a while. I actually think it's funnier than the movie (yeah, I'll say it). But that's because it veers in an absurdly different direction that simultaneously roasts and pays homage to everything I love about the comic books I collected in the 90s.

As of now the cover and a few pages are done. It's moving at a pretty steady pace - I don't want to promise a release date but I will say it's been worth the wait.

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