Saturday, July 25, 2015

Set Photos from "The Burden of Choice"

We shot The Burden of Choice about a month ago, but for the last few weeks post-production had to be put on pause to do some festival Halina work. Today I wanted to post some of the behind-the-scenes pictures taken from our set photographer Vanessa from both days of the shoot.

We start with a pretty picture of Elisa in hair and make-up...
Here's Mara the Assistant Director and I.
 Cool camera shot.
 On set with Tarion and Elisa (and resisting the urge to eat the cookie props).
 Crew guys - the team behind the magic.
 Little man Dane in hair and make-up.
 Adorable picture of Dane and Jessica on the set.
 Our "band photo!"
 Pooya posing on the set during her scene with Elisa.
 Cramming a decent-sized crew into a tiny room.
 Jessica and Pooya give us their "tough girl" pose...
 ...then Elisa joins them for a superhero pose...
 ...then it goes full-on Charlie's Angels...
 ...and finally they're joined by some handsome guy.
Post-production will be resuming so check back for updates, clips, and maybe even some poster art in the near future!

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