Monday, October 12, 2015

"Purgatory Comics" Sequel Comic Book Finished!

After writing about this project for over a year, I'm so happy to announce that the comic book sequel for Purgatory Comics is finally finished. And I assure you, although it's only 12 pages, it's a jam-packed story that revisits almost every character from the film (even Bree).

The comic was written by myself and drawn by Rafael Rivera.

So what's next? Yesterday I requested a test-print from Ka-Blam, a digital comic printing web site that offers so many great services at amazing prices. After that, the plan is to offer the comic as both a download and hard copy through Ka-Blam's partner And of course I will let you all know the moment it's available.

Keep checking back for a preview of the finished cover and maybe a preview of the inside as well!

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