Thursday, August 27, 2009

Angela's Exporting Herself

In a few days, our rising star Angela Benedict is moving back to the UK with her husband Benn. Although I don’t get to see them much these days, I’ll miss ‘em. To me, it feels somewhat like an epilogue to the whole production process.

Since many of you are just now starting to see Purgatory Comics for the first time, let me just quickly reflect on Angela’s contributions that stem beyond leading role: She provided make-up for the entire cast with a kit she bought herself. She saved my ass when a bar owner bailed on me by convincing another bar owner to let me shoot at his location (the night before). She discovered Jennifer Stone, who played Zombie Gal. She did wardrobe and costume duties, including for Bree Olson. She made Jonathan's hair look long. She got me someone to play the Lee role (her husband Benn, who she got to punch in the face on-screen). Later Benn and she would do incredible photography and graphic design for the film. And through all this, she found the time to memorize all of her lines, follow directions, and also become someone I consider a friend. She’s a good egg, and someone with a lot of potential and big dreams. I wish ‘em the best and I’m sure we’ll see more work out of her in years to come.

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