Friday, April 23, 2010

BluRay News, More Drive Problems

Allow me if I may to share some woes, and in this bitch-fest you'll also get some cool updates. So our friend Mike LaVoie over at CCPFilms (new site!) rigged himself a pretty badass editing suite complete with BluRay authoring capabilities. As I wrote, he's eager to work with me on a Purgatory Comics BluRay special edition, so I put some special features together and we got the ball rolling.

I got myself a 1.5 TB My Book from Western Digital, mostly because it has eSata capabilities which Mike needs for his editing suite. I also used it to backup my PS3, which was a waste because I had to reformat the drive later on to be Mac compatible. Keep in mind I'm an idiot so even a simple task like that is a big to-do for me.

But 14 hours later, it did get done and the little drive was ready to go. Then I hooked up my big 'ol 1 TB LaCie, the drive the movie is on. It wouldn't mount. And it made an awful sound. After months and months of mounting fine, it took that moment to start crashing. I'm sure if you read this blog, you're familiar with my past LaCie troubles (crash, another crash). I've had it with this brand, so this is for the search engines: LaCie sucks, LaCie sucks, don't buy LaCie, LaCie crashes.

When it finally did mount, I copied everything on it to the My Book, which took another 10 hours. I do have another backup, but it's a LaCie and LaCie sucks.

Tomorrow I'm shipping the My Book over to Mike, and I'm also going to quickly author some menus as he gets the ball rolling. Let's hope that's it for drive issues for a little while. I'll also reveal the special features to you this weekend!

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