Friday, April 01, 2011

Announcement: Purgatory Comics Sequel in Pre-Production!

And now, the big news! It was really hard keeping this quiet, but now I can finally spill some of the details on Purgatory Comics 2! I'm making the sequel for roughly triple the cost of the first one and there's already a script. This might change, but the working title right now is "Purgatory Comics: Bagged and Boarded." Personally I love that, because it kinda ties the working title of the first movie into the 2nd one.

Prepare yourselves though: there's going to be some cast swapping for this. First, Angela will NOT be reprising the role of Cola. We're starting pre-production this summer and there's no word when she'll be back from the UK. Also, no Jonathan. Which means no Berner. This isn't my choice. Jonathan's a SAG actor now and this isn't a SAG shoot.

Really, no Berner means no Mia or Andrew also. And no Bob, because the Peter Whales character is dead. So this script focuses on Evan, X-Ray, and then a mostly new cast.

I have one more major change: since Golden Memories Comics moved, I don't have the comic book store I had to use for the first movie. So I had to work that into the script. In the film, the store only exists online.

Little bit about the plot: The movie starts off with Evan and X-Ray at a comic convention (we're cleared to shoot at Comic Con!!! A little.). Evan's store has been out of business for 3 years but he is still a huge collector. At the con, he meets his dream girl. And she will literally be played by his dream girl from the first film - BREE! That's right, she'll be shooting a few scenes late this year to make her role a major one. And she might've convinced a well known "warlock" to also make a cameo...can't say much more there now. ;)

Following the con, Evan and X-Ray set out on a road trip to Bree's home state, and the hijinks begin. I don't want to ruin anything else, but I literally laughed out loud while writing this screenplay.

Oh yeah, and my little cameo from the first film? I'm somewhat of a major character now. Teehee.

Only 2 months until shooting starts. I'm really, really pumped to start. I really miss filmmaking, and this is the most solid script I've ever written. Plus I've learned so much from the first shoot.

Like it or not, here comes Purgatory Comics: Bagged and Boarded, folks.

So get yourselves ready, take the first letter of every paragraph in this entry and read it, and wish me luck!!!

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